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Telpar will be Exhibiting at the NACS show in Las Vegas, Oct 11 to 14, 2015. Booth # 7007 .  Telpar will be showcasing its line of receipt and kiosk printers designed for petroleum and convenience store applications.  Telpar is a member of PEI.


Press Releases


April 12, 2011
Telpar Introduces the MTP 2822 a faster 2 inch Direct Thermal Printer with print speeds up to 8 in per sec (PDF 89 KB)

April 12, 2011
Telpar Introduces the MTP2832, an 8 inch per sec 3 inch Direct Thermal Printer (PDF 90 KB)


July 21, 2010
Telpar is Appointed Master Distributor by APS- Advanced Printing Systems (PDF 88 KB)


October 12, 2009
Telpar Appointed Distributor by Seiko Instruments USA, Inc  (PDF 87 KB) 

May 4, 2009
Telpar Introduces the MTP-7582 a High Speed 8 1/2 inch Direct Thermal Printer with both Linux and Windows Drivers  (PDF 173 KB)

May 4, 2009
Telpar Introduces the MTP-7632 a 3 inch Direct Thermal Printer with USB or Serial and Parallel Interfaces (PDF 174 KB)  

February 23, 2009
Telpar Launches Enhanced and Expanded Website at  (PDF 595 KB)



April 16, 2008
Telpar Introduces the MTP-2822 USB a Faster Modular 2 inch Direct Thermal Printer with USB and Ethernet Interfaces
  (PDF 173 KB)

April 16, 2008  
Telpar Introduces a Multiple Interface 8 1/2 in Direct Thermal Printer with USB and Ethernet
  (PDF 106 KB)




Telpar Newsletter Vol 9

Fujitsu is an industry leader in the world of kiosk printers and printer mechanisms. Featured in this issue are compact, high speed and mobile printers.

Telpar Newsletter Vol 8

Telpar offers many options for customer requiring an 8 inch printer, the Mini8, MTP2283 and the MTP7583. This issue provides details on each.

Telpar Newletter Vol 7

Many customers have requirements for mobile printers.  Showcased in this issue are feature rich mobile printers from Woosim and CUSTOM ENIGEERING.

Telpar Newsletter Vol 6

Featured are various panel mount printers from Telpar, Seiko and Woosim. These panel mount printer meet the requirements for medical device manufacturing.

Telpar Newsletter Vol 5

Highlighted in this issue our kiosk, ATM, and ticket printers from CUSTOM ENGINEERING, the TG2460, VKP80II and PLUS II.

Telpar Newsletter Vol 4

 This issue showcases Epson Printers designed for smaller kiosk applications- the Epson EU-T300C, and the high speed graphics printer mech M-T500 series.

Telpar Newsletter Vol 3        

This issue showcases the APS printer and printer mech lines that Telpar distributes as a Master APS Distributor. Highlights include the APS Ultra Fast Printers, USB Printer Mechs and Heavy Duty Printers.

Telpar Newsletter Vol 2
Telpar now offers online ordering for paper rolls and ribbons. Fujitsu's new products are featured. The TECH Tip highlights Paper FAQ's including recommendations for storage.

Telpar Newsletter Vol 1
This issue showcases Telpar's latest product introductions as well as features the Telpar website. Another key feature is the TECH Tip - How to Solve a Paper Jam.

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