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Technical and User Manuals
These manuals contain user instructions, specifications and diagrams.

Answers to commonly asked questions can be found in our Technical FAQs, also review the Technical Bulletins available. Both areas contain useful information.

For additional technical support, contact our technical support team at 1-800-872-4886 or 603-750-7237.

All Manuals are in a PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Download Adobe Reader.

Telpar OEM Printer User Manuals

MTP-2000 Series
MTP-2000 USB Series 2, 3, 4 and 8 inch Kiosk Printer User Manual (PDF 1,245 KB)
MTP-2200 Series Stealth series 2,3 and 4 inch Kiosk Printer (PDF 1,243 KB)

MTP-2283 Stealth series Wide Format Kiosk Printer (PDF 734 KB)

Mini 8 Printer Manual (PDF)

MTP-1500 Series
MTP-1500II Mercury Series High Speed Kiosk Printer (PDF 2,790 KB) 
MTP-1500 Mercury Series High Speed Kiosk Printer (PDF 732 KB)
MTP-600 Series
MTP-600 Series User Manual (PDF 3,355 KB) 
PL Series
PL180 and PL190 Series – Panel Mount Printer (PDF 2,127 KB)
SP Series
SP-327 Thermal Printer (PDF 2,215 KB)
SP-328 Manual (Next Generation) (PDF 651 KB)
SP-328 Data Logger Thermal Printer (Legacy Version) (PDF 4,786 KB)
SP-401 Thermal Printer (PDF 1,728KB)
SP-5000 Direct Thermal Kiosk Receipt Printer (PDF 596 KB)
SP-5000HC High Capacity Direct Thermal Kiosk Receipt Printer (PDF 367 KB)
MTP-7000 Series
MTP-7582/3 Series Programming Manual V1.01 (PDF 1.04 MB)
MTP-7582/3 Series User Manual V1.0 (PDF 2.04MB)
MTP-7632 User Manual V1.0 (PDF 1.76MB)
MTP-7632 Programming Manual V1.0 (PDF 1.19MB)
MTP-7582 Training Manual (PDF 7.49 MB)

Hengstler Thermal Printer User Manuals
Hecon C-56 Thermal Printer Operator Manual (PDF 439 KB)
Hecon C-56 Thermal Printer Command Set Manual (PDF 729KB)

APS Thermal Printer Mechanism User Manuals
CP290 MRS, CP 324 MRS, CP424 MRS 24 volts Thermal Printer Mechanisms (PDF 1,704 KB)
CP295 MRS, CP 305 MRS, CP405 MRS 5 volts Thermal Printer Mechanisms (PDF 596 KB)
CP205 MRS Thermal Printer Mechanism (PDF 520 KB)
CP290 HRS, CP 324 HRS, CP424 HRS 24 volts Thermal Printer Mechanisms (PDF 3,734 KB)
EPM203 MRS 3 volt Easy Load Printing Module (PDF 1,362 KB)

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