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Matching the right printing technology to your application is essential for success. That's why Telpar offers the industry's broadest selection of thermal and impact printing solutions and technologies-from economical low-volume output to rugged, industrial strength systems.

Telpar evaluates not only your technological environment, but also the physical environment to which your receipt or document will be exposed, as well as the document format, image durability, printer durability, resolution, speed, and communication requirements.

 Kiosk/ReceiptPanel Mount Mobile/Portable Ticket POSData Logger 

Thermal Printer Systems - includes chassis with paper supply support
Applications include: multimedia kiosks, maps, financial statements, pharmaceutical data, remote printing and product Information applications. Toll booth receipts, coupon dispenser, parking validation slips, gas station pump receipts, gaming machine receipts, cash vouchers for exchanged goods, and automated collection machines. Data logging and data. Diagnostics and test applications. Apparatus status recorder. Alarm logging & data retention.

NOTE: The majority of these units have the ability to print various Bar Code formats. This is typically enabled through an application, however, the Control Codes are printer resident, accessible through ascii codes.

Let our expert printing solutions staff help you determine the correct printer for your application. Gain a competitive advantage with Telpar’s printers. Contact us.