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  • HR Employees/Job Applications Kiosk – Includes job kiosks, 401K benefits enrollment, employee scheduling, management and training. Read the State of Oregon Application Story. (PDF 221 KB)
  • Ticketing Kiosk – For theater tickets, parking, check-in, ski passes.

  • Order Entry, Line Busting, and Check In – Faster and more reliable customer service.

  • Gaming and Redemption Kiosks – Provide loyalty, redemption and reward opportunities for gaming customers. Casino/Gaming Receipt Printers.

  • Retail Kiosks – Includes loyalty, product information, store directory. Read the Wise Village Application Story. (PDF 217 KB)

  • Bill Payment and Prepaid Kiosk – Includes Bill Payment, Money Orders, Couponing, Pre-Paid PIN dispensing, and even insurance and e-mail.

  • Directories and Wayfinding Kiosk – Used in high-rise office buildings, malls, corporate offices, museums, parks. Read the Kenosha Museum Application Story. (PDF 212 KB)
  • Information and Marketing Kiosk – Includes information, loyalty, couponing. Read the Wise Village Application Story. (PDF 217 KB)

  • Security Kiosk – Includes government, biometric, immigration.

  • ATM & Banking Receipts – Bank and Credit Union Financial statements.

  • Transportation Control – Aircraft in-flight Data Loggers, Automated, Outdoor Truck Scale Receipt, Gas Pump & fuel dispensing receipts, Auto Auction- contracts when auto sold, Tollbooth receipts, Commuter train tickets and receipts, Taxi Meters, Aircraft Operations control center.

  • Parking – Garage receipts, Parking Meter Receipts, Parking Validation.

  • Department Store Gift Registry Kiosks  

  • Storage Rental Agreements – Read the Ginko Outdoor Kiosk Application Story. (PDF 164 KB)

  • Scale and Weight Receipts

  • Grocery Store – Self check out receipts, coupon dispenser.

  • Movie Ticketing

  • Industrial – Fire alarm panel meters/Alarm Status Data Loggers, Vapor Monitoring Data Loggers, Instrument data printer, Temperature controls, Measuring devices, Process control for batch operations, Fire Station dispatch, Sterilizer/autoclave process monitoring.

  • Medical – Hospital Visitor Kiosks Way Find, Medical instrumentation, Pharmaceutical data & labeling, Medical diagnostic and status equipment, Test equipment.

  • Government – Fire Stations, Military Tanks- printing out artillery information, Military and Civilian Gas dispensing receipts.
  • Library – Book check out receipt.

  • Ballot/Voting Machine Receipt

  • Vending/Self Service – OEM components for vending can use the wide variety of Telpar printers. Read the Ginko Outdoor Kiosk Application Story. (PDF 164 KB)

  • Car Wash Receipt Printers

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