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Telpar Takes a Consultative Approach
Providing the Complete Solution
As a leading manufacturer of printers and supplier of printer mechanisms, Telpar takes a consultative approach to helping our customers with their project design. Our goal is to help you identify how to make your application work with the best available printer technology. Since we have partnered with other leading manufacturers such as Epson, Fujitsu, APS, Custom America, Seiko Instruments, Woosim Systems and Zebra Technologies, it allows us to look at the project or application and propose the best solution that addresses your printing requirements.

After your initial or prototype design of the project is complete, Telpar will work with you to identify any potential gaps in future requirements. Our goal is to minimize customization and standardize processes wherever possible. This allows both of us to mitigate the risk associated with supporting various applications as well as minimizing your total cost of ownership.

Telpar consultative approach includes:

Our Approach Reduces Risk

Telpar inherently has the ability to quickly identify and address the key issues that will mostly likely impact the project success. Key areas where Telpar excels are listed below:

  • Telpar has been offering innovative printing solutions for over 35 years. 
  • Telpar will provide printer function and configuration knowledge for your printing solution.
  • Telpar understands the complexity of the Printing Solution in the context of the current and future IT infrastructure of your organization to ensure seamless integration. 
  • Telpar will provide a turnkey printing solution to your organization, which includes consulting, hardware, ongoing support, and consumables. 

Telpar has the ability to provide companies with a complete solution for their printing projects. Contact us.
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